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When Shall We Three Meet Again?

Although anyone with an appreciation for the author’s craft would have to be in a supremely bad mood to deny the quality of the Harry Potter books, you could forgive someone for being a little bad tempered over the fact that people seem to relate every book about witches and wizards back to them. Witches and wizards have been present in literature since long before JK Rowling put pen to paper, and will continue to be so. Shakespeare himself uses three witches to compelling effect in perhaps […]

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Learning How To Perform Magic

While as children we mostly look on magicians as just that – people who can control forces that are beyond most normal human beings – as we get older we learn to see that what they are doing is, while exceptionally skilful, not actual magic. This often makes it no less impressive, but what it does do is give us the desire to “see how they do it”. The difference between magic and illusion is probably thinner than most of us think. No doubt, as soon as […]

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It’s All Part Of The Magic

If you were a magician – by definition, someone able to control natural forces by calling upon the supernatural – what would you do? Visit the home of an acquaintance who had wronged you and make it rain in their bedroom? Control events in such a way as to ensure financial prosperity for you and yours? Protect your home from intrusion? Or would you make a playing card disappear and reappear in someone’s pocket? This is part of what is referred to in professional wrestling as “kayfabe”. […]

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Shining A Light On Magic Tricks

From childhood, we are beguiled by a magician’s abilities to perform tricks that seem to have no obvious explanation. As we get older, we may begin to understand more about how a trick has been performed and with practice may be able to perform the tricks ourselves. However, most of us will still in adulthood be unable to see the “unseen hand” that makes these tricks happen. There are however a number of talented illusionists who seek to shine some light on what is otherwise a fairly […]

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Could It Be Magic?

Performing magic is something that has become a very broad term. On the one hand, there are people who perform spells in a Wiccan, naturalist sense which are designed, supposedly, to bring safety, prosperity and good luck. Then there are showman magicians who perform what might more reasonably be described as “tricks” which fool the eye and make it appear that they have done what we consider to be impossible – such as sawing another person in half and rejoining them, or making an object disappear totally. […]

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